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Adorably Baby Chicks
Video Credit: Blake Kirby


  • All chicks are adorable, but to commercial egg producers, male chicks are useless, and so they are disposed of in various ways. One popular method is to throw live, baby, “adorable” chicks into a grinding machine and grind them up alive.

    The American Veterinary Medical Association, pandering to financial reward, gives such horrific cruelty a fancy name, “maceration,” and declares that such grinding up of live baby chicks is “humane!” According to the AVMA, we finally have a humane form of human executions.

  • Baby chicks are so cute then turn ugly when fully grown.

  • None of God’s creatures are ugly, all have a beauty of their own, even when adults, at least to me I see them that way. I used to have some Buff Orphington chickens that my husband and I got when we had a farm in Colorado. They would all want to climb up in my lap, we got them as chicks and they must have thought I was their mother.

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