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Forest Fire is Stunningly Beautiful (And Awful)
Video Credit: OC Nursery Rhymes


  • OMGosh- it’s horrific! Spent years as a volunteer firefighter back home, remember working brush fires- but NOTHING like this. The devastation is overwhelming to watch.

  • Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown must go just a Rahm Emmanuel of Chicago must go. They are destroying their states and cities.

  • California forest fires —–has been done by LAZERS AND PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP TO THAT FACT,. Who is doing that?????????? China because the own most of that land. And they want to push the people out of that state. ?????? They are cause the earth changes.!!!! What is it a China owned satellite that is doing the damage. Someone find out and get the blasted truth out.!!!!!

  • Fires aren’t caused by climate change, they are the product of the Democrats and their regulations and land use policies. These greenies have made Californians loose good opportunities. First the income of foresting timber and employing Americans. Second building a stronger economic base. Third preventing catastrophic fires like we see today costing us more in our aggressive fight to put them out. We have lost people, money, health and for what? Thank you Sierra Club, Jerry Brown, California Congress, and all those who support , (Federal, State and Local), these policies that have been so destructive to the beauty and health of California lands. Californians please wake up and see what these people are doing to a beautiful state for political reasons. They are not in it for you but for themselves and their party. A total shame and lack of respect for America and its citizens.

  • Having been a “fire bug” all my life, I can sit and watch the flames for hours. For me, watching a controlled fire, is relaxing and soothing. I spent 42 years in the insurance industry, so I also understand that an out of control fire can be destructive and deadly. This video shows the beauty and destructive power of “fire”.

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