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Fox Host Destroys NFL Protests
Video Credit: Reality Checks


  • I think Tucker Carlson is being way too kind to Kaepernick. Kaepernick has had more breaks in his lifetime than most Americans ever receive. The media focuses on the bad breaks like his maternal father bailing out on him and his mother put him up for adoption. Well, how about the great break of a caring family adopting him and supporting him and guiding him to sports where he could excel and receive acceptance and adulation? Or how about Kaepernick sighing multi-million dollar contracts to play a game? He made more money than 99% of Americans but he allowed himself to be manipulated by fools.

    I think the best description of Colin Kaepernick is that he is a weak minded person who is extremely ungrateful. Especially to the people who have done so much for him.

  • feel sorry for me.

  • Ahmen. We need to stop even acknowledging his existince. Boycott Nike

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