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Indonesian Mountain Spews Fire and Lightning
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  • More pollution to the earth will take place in the first 24 hours of this Indonesian volcano eruption then the pollution from all the cars in the U.S. for one year…we now know that after 45 years of collecting the data on “Global Warming” the earth’s temperature has increase by only 1/10th of a degree…that is why the moronic global warming lunatics have changed their mantra to “Climate Change” because too many Americans were beginning to see through their stupid argument as just another ruse to raise taxes to stuff the pockets to morons like Al Gore who earned over $80 for his prediction that the ice caps would melt in 5 years…that was in 2015 and the ice caps have grown according to NASA…if the United States managed to achieve ZERO pollution but allows China and India to continue to pollute for the next 25 to 35 years… are the lunatics pretending their pollution does not floats over the United States and we will never achieve zero carbon emissions EVER! And if we are truly worried about Climate Change why aren’t any of these morons worried about the pollution from the Fukushima nuclear explosion in 2011 that is pouring tons of poison into the ocean each and every day that flows directly to the west coast polluting our waters from Canada to Mexico contaminating all of the fish we eat? So the lunatics are worried about a one degree temperature change to our climate more than eating nuclear waste purchased every day at their local super markets? And if the solution is eating fish and shrimp from Vietnam and Indonesia, be prepared to glow in the dark…YOUR LIFE IS BEING SHORTENED AND YOU ARE PRETENDING NOT TO NOTICE!

  • God help the people get safe Prayers

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